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First toot from my test machine. Quick summary of the experience so far:

- installation was very straight forward
- would be nice if disk encryption was part of the installation wizard
- wifi card from this MBA 2012 is not recognized
- documentation has been outstanding compared to any other OS (or project in general)
- didn't like the default wm, neither cwm but I'm enjoying dwm

Wow, they are not kidding when they say putting random data on an entire drive is a time-consuming process ^__^

We have updated our notes on offgrid living in regard to software and bandwidth. Install uBlock and NoScript to disable ads and javascript to limit battery and bandwidth drainage. Use cpulimit to throttle expensive processes.

So I upgrade Firefox and I get a “Curated by Pocket” section in my previously-blank new tab view that also has sponsored content in it.

I cannot stress this enough:

Fuck you, @mozilla
And fuck you, Pocket.

“Those states prospered where the philosophers were kings or the kings philosophers”

— Plato

#Twitter to #Mastodon #crossposting is really annoying, if you do it and don’t care about interacting with people on the #fediverse please stop

I’m not a museum kind of tourist but the weather in Madrid was too warm and museums have AC so I ended up visiting 2 of them.

I’m glad I did because now we have this print of People's Flowers by Richard Estes 😍

Last picture from ... I loved the old-school look of restaurants in barrio La Latina. Unfortunately didn’t get the chance to eat there but it looked like a very fun place to go once things go back to normal.

“But safety is only one attraction of in-cabin monitoring. The systems also hold huge potential for harvesting the kind of behavioral data that Google, Facebook, and other surveillance capitalists have exploited to target ads and influence purchasing habits.”

The algorithm that chooses passengers seats on a plane won’t take into account the required “social distancing” measures of our current times. Really? I’m embarrassed of the software development industry. This is the one thing where we could help and make a difference but we don’t.

Why do the temperature check in the airport needs to have a visual camera? I could understand an infrared view just for this particular scenario but the fact that they also put a normal camera and probably keep recordings of everything, is for me proof that they are using this situation to increment surveillance and not to fight a disease. We as a society are crazy to be ok with all this.

Nobody gives a fuck about stability, or testing, or security, or bloat, or simplicity, or even producing software which works in the first place. They just want to spend the minimum effort required to get paid.

I fucking hate this industry.

spoilers Borges The Secret Miracle 

¿Si estuvieras al borde de la muerte, cuál sería tu razón para vivir un año más? Y tanto o más importante que eso, ¿estarías dispuesto a vivir ese año en una condición inesperada, con resultados inesperados?


If you were about to die, what would be your reason to live one additional year? And just as important or more important than that, would you be willing to live that extra year with an unexpected condition and unexpected results?

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spoilers Borges The Secret Miracle 

El milagro secreto / The Secret Miracle

Por J.L.B / by Borges

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