Durante los últimos seis años de mi carrera, además de programar, he estado involucrado en el proceso de reclutamiento para las empresas que he trabajado. Estos son algunos consejos para aquellos interesados en dejar una buena impresión en su siguiente entrevista.


I created a theme for Hugo, the static site generator. It’s called Essential and is designed with multilingual personal websites in mind.


Brussels central station at night. Also home of ListMinut and my office 😊

Just spent three days coding with this view. It was a nice change to my daily routine

Opinión no popular sobre la independencia Mexicana 

@Divert @avalos esto aplica a Guatemala ... y me atrevería a decir que varios otros países latinoamericanos si no es que a todos

Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

@vimja @lale1202 this is a fun idea, will the mnt also get to share its stickers? ... also, I need to get to more groups and events, I’ve never had that many stickers to put on my laptop :(

Wrote a blog post about activerecord-except

It was a fun project to work on for

and has already proven useful with my work using


Your daily reminder that there is no such thing as:

- data rights
- digital rights

There are only human rights.

(Which we must protect in the context of a digital and networked age.)

Folks pushing the former usually want your “new” rights to be lesser than your “old” ones.

@xerz not everyone needs to be accomodated. Maybe having an operating system which cares about your privacy and cares about software freedom and doesn't make compromises on these fronts is actually a good thing maybe? If you want normie spyware just use Windows.

"There are no digital rights, there are only human rights. There is no software freedom, there is only human freedom"

Cory Doctorow


@mntmn this is really awesome! So happy to already hear about this kind of projects. It's been a while since I've been so excited about X-mas ;)

Wrote a simple convenience method for ActiveRecord that lets you select all the fields from a table except for the given ones.



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